The town of Enfield, with a population of 45,000 residents, is served by five separate fire districts. These districts work individually and together to provide the community with a comprehensive system of fire service. Each district operates as a separate entity in such areas as staffing, budget, taxation, and inventory of apparatus. In regard to automatic mutual aid, training, volunteer recruitment, and fire prevention and community education, the districts work collectively.

Enfield is a community with a rich history of fire service. The establishment of the fire districts dates back to 1839 with the start of the Thompsonville Fire District followed by Hazardville in 1892, Enfield in 1896, North Thompsonville in 1914, and finally, Shaker Pines in 1942.

Each district is provided with oversight by a set of elected commissioners who must reside within the district in which they serve. Election of fire commissioners is held annually in the spring and is open to all residents of the district. It is also at this time of the annual meeting that each district decides upon its mill rate to pay for its fire service. A meeting notice is posted in the newspaper and publicized in front of each fire house. Attendance at these meetings is traditionally comprised of commissioners and fire fighters, even though the public is invited to participate.

With five separate fire districts, the residents of Enfield, Connecticut are taxed at five different levels depending on the district in which they live. The mill rate varies depending upon such factors as; the size of the district, staffing levels, and age of apparatus. Enfield is not the only community which has more than one taxing fire district in the state of Connecticut. Connecticut is a state with 169 towns and 308 taxing fire districts. Each resident is taxed annually for fire service as part of their tax bill from the town. Your fire tax is a separate line item on that bill. If you have questions about your tax, please contact your local fire department.

Locating your Fire District:
If you have any questions about your fire service or if you are unsure of which fire district you reside, please contact Chief Jack Flanagan at the Hazardville Fire Station at, 749-8344 for assistance.