The Hazardville Fire Department has a very rich and unique history, which is full of innovation, and accomplishments.

Along with our rich history, the personnel take pride in not only our organization, but also in the areas in which they serve. Part of this pride is demonstrated in the design of the station patch, and in our station.

In addition to the fire protection and life safety services we provide, The Hazardville Fire Department also provides information about special programs and events available to anyone who is interested in personal and public safety. Whether it is about a hurricane, a fire, or even at the poolside, knowledge and preparedness is the key to safety and survival.

Special programs, such as the extinguishers, smoke detectors or evacuating a home are designed to get the younger generation thinking about safety at an early age. Establishing good habits now will aid them and their families today and serve them throughout their lives.

The Hazardville Fire Department was established in 1892. Providing volunteer firefighting services for the Hazardville Fire District. The District now has a limited paid staff during the week day. Hazardville Fire District is the second largest fire district in Enfield and is responsible for preserving life and property.

Today's modern fire service is presently undergoing a transitional process. Over the last few years, HFD has evolved into a highly sophisticated public safety rescue system to save lives and reduced the severity of injuries. The Hazardville Fire Department has a vision that guides the organization towards excellence. That goal is achieved through deliberate planning, adaptability and the courage to embrace challenges and opportunities.

Hazardville Fire Department, 385 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, CT 06082 • (860) 749-8344 • EMERGENCY CALL 911