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Current Appraratus
Engine 52
1992 Ferrarra MVP
Engine 52 is our first piece out for all calls. It carries 6 firefighters, and is equipped with Hurst Rescue equipment and both swift water and cold water rescue equipment. It carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 2000 gallon per minute pump. Atop it has a 6' Will-Burt Night Scan Chief Lighting System.

Class A Pumper with 1000 gallon Water Tank and…
•  Thermal Imaging Camera
•  15 Gallons Class A Foam
•  PPV & Negative Pressure Fans
•  Rescue 42 Strut System
•  RIT Kit
•  Various Gas Detection Meters
Engine 53
2009 Ford F550
Engine 53 is a 2009 Ford F550 primarily used for brush fires carrying 2 firefighters. This vehicle has features that helps firefighters such as 4 wheel drive and a high suspension for driving through rough terrain. It has a 500 GPM pump, and carries 261 gallons of water. Equipped with 500 ft. of 1 in. forestry hose, ground nozzles, and assorted tools, this vehicle is truly equipped for fighting brush fires.

Brush Truck with 261 gallon water tank and 20 gallons of Class A foam...
•  500 ft, of Forestry Hose with
   Forestry Nozzles
* Chain Saw
* (2) SCBA
* Cold Water Rescue Suits
* 9,000 lb. Winch
Engine 54
2003 HME
Custom Pumper
Engine 54 is our second piece out for all structure fires carrying up to 6 fire fighters in a closed cab. Features about this apparatus are, a 1500 GPM pump carrying 750 gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam with the capability of performing a drafting operation. This Engine carries 1000 ft. of 4 in. supply line, 500 ft. of 1 ¾ attack line and 500 ft. of 2 ½ attack line. Stored on this apparatus 2 high rise packs, ventilation tools, a rapid intervention kit, this will usually aide in the extinguishment time in a single family home within minutes.

Class A Pumper with 750 gallon Water Tank and…
•  Thermal Imaging Camera
•  20 Gallons AFFF
•  PPV Fan
•  Cutters Edge Vent Saw
•  RIT Kit
•  20 ft. Hard Suction Hose
•  Pet Oxygen Masks
Squad 51
Freightliner Prime Mover
This is a 2005 Freightliner Prime Mover, given to us by the State of Connecticut for deployment of a Regional Mass Decontamination trailer. It carries 5 personnel.

•  Prime Mover carries:
•  Cold Water Rescue Equipment
•  Ice Rescue Sled
•  Stokes Basket
•  Haz-Mat Equipment
Utility 56 Special Operations Vehicle with…
•  Cold Water Rescue Suits
•  Personal Flotation Devices
Rescue Boat 58 Air Boat

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