• Please remember to clear and shovel out hydrants in front of your home, apartment or business. This greatly helps fire-fighting operations during inclement winter weather. If you are unable to clear a hydrant due to physical limitations, please notify the firehouse ASAP. Hazardville firefighters survey and shovel all hydrants in our district; however, ordinance dictates that the property owner is responsible.
  • During accumulating snows, please refrain from on-street parking. Narrow streets are made impassable to our fire apparatus when snow banks couple with parked cars.


As the temperature drops, the number of residential fires rises at an alarming rate. The Enfield Fire Chiefs Association reminds everyone that if you have a conventional heating system in your home, it should be inspected by a qualified serviceman each fall to ensure that it is clean and functioning properly. Once you are certain that it is in proper working order, keep all papers, trash and flammable liquids away from the furnace area.

Portable space heaters call for special precautions, as follows:

  • Make sure there is a minimum of 36 inches of clearance on all sides of the heater.
  • Small children should never be left unattended in a room with a portable heater.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for proper operation and maintenance. Check for frayed wires or hot wires on electric heaters, and don’t use extension cords with them.

When using a fireplace or woodstove, other factors must be
kept in mind:

  • Be sure that the stove or fireplace has been properly installed and inspected prior to use, that the chimney is clean and that the damper is open.
  • Burn only dry, well-seasoned hard woods.
  • If using a fireplace, be sure that there is a metal screen or glass door at the opening
  • Be sure that there is plenty of clearance between a woodstove and walls, ceilings and floors and that curtains and other combustibles are at a safe distance.
  • Ashes should be disposed of only in a metal container and placed outdoors, away from structures.
  • Make sure you have working smoke detectors throughout your home.
  • As always, if you have any questions, call your fire department for assistance.